Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Citizen.

long live the Queen of Lies,
in the depth of despair she live, desperately;
hardly find could she react,
a spy on lies she only lack

"lots of love, my dear citizen",
began to spell the hole of hell;
one, two, three and four,
no one could not fly to bore

she gasp and gasp in the air,
her box of lies is in flame of death;
her son too despise as a heir,
crushing her thin heart, no one would bear

for now she is gone,
who sits on the vehement throne;
small, little world and a palace of ice,
drove citizen around, not play to be nice.

p/s: not my picture.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

as he dine with her family.

curiosity, concern, chill,
as he dine with her family;
confident, compose, content,
never in his minutes of his life surprisingly.

halt ,hesitation, harbor suspicion,
as he dine with her family;
he could not make any conclusion
only he knew it was just a fantasy.

realization of a friend.

she engrossed every limelight;

and one appeared to be lunatic;
but poor a little girl,
could not find her way
back from where she belong.

she lit up a candle,
and was forced to shut her eyes.
she practiced demon cults;
that shivered her way to the end.

such were the exploits of the three mighty men,
she claimed to herself;
and to those who doubted her,
would never breathe air again
but to breathe the wicked soil of vanity.

as she struggled herself
she will bear her mighty wrath;
when she found herself in a box,
speechless― only she could easily accomplished.
but as for them,
they pillaged, plundered and stripped.

must she thought her way,
wouldn't change the fact
she is now a filth on mental wise
when the clock stop ticking,
that she is now gone.

p/s: that picture above there, i do not own it. it's from the website Deviant-art :)